Rights and protections

Rights and Protections

The Issue

Individuals and families in recovery should be free of stigma, discrimination and exploitation, and their current legal rights and protections must be enforced and strengthened.

What is Patient Brokering?

Patient brokering is the illegal exchange of something of value for a patient referral. This practice is also known as receiving kickbacks, body brokering, or patient trafficking. Individuals with sufficient insurance coverage  may be offered an inducement (e.g., cash, gifts or “fee forgiveness”) to participate in fraudulent activity. “Fee forgiveness” waives the individual’s deductible, copays, and coinsurance.

Past Actions

Current and Future Actions

We are working closely with state legislators to refile HB 248 which addressed patient brokering in Texas.

This legislation had strong support in both the Texas House and Senate. Unfortunately, time ran out before it was able to be passed by the Senate. We anticipate it will be refiled for the 89th session.

Stay tuned for updates!