Advocate for Recovery

Recovery Votes

Statistically, 1 in 10 Texans (2.8+ million) identify as being in recovery and 1 in 3 households in Texas (2.4+ million) are impacted by substance use issues. Together our voices can shaping fund, policy, and program development, but too often, we are not sure how to register to vote, how to find out who represents us or how to push forward our policy priorities.

State of Texas Advocacy

State laws and policies dramatically impact the accessibility and types of services that exist across Texas. The Texas State Legislator is only in Session for 140 day in odd numbered years. This makes coordinated advocacy even more important, during Session and the Interim Session.

Federal Advocacy

Texas relies heavily on federal dollars to fund addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services as well as housing. As a result, federal policy significantly shapes the services Texans receive. It is important for Texans to collaborate with national organizations focused on federal policy.

ABCs of Advocacy

During the Interim Session (even number years), TAAP, ASAP and RecoveryPeople host ABCs of Advocacy to prepare individuals for the following Texas Legislative Session.

Recovery Day at the Capitol

At the beginning of each Texas Legislative Session, TAAP, ASAP and RecoveryPeople host Recovery Day at the Capitol, coordinating people from across the state to advocate under the mantra: prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery services are cost effective.