RecoveryPeople defines an "advocate" as someone who advocates or engages in advocacy, which is promoting the interest or cause of another individual or group of people. There are many ways to advocate, but it is often sorted into two categories: "Little a" and "Big A" advocacy.

"Little a" Advocacy

‘Little a’ describes advocating for oneself or for another individual. If this describes what you are looking for, check out our resource page.

"Big A" Advocacy

‘Big A’ describes advocating at a systems or policy level. RecoveryPeople's advocacy programming specializes in "Big A" advocacy.

Brown Bag Advocacy Series

Brown Bag Advocacy is an educational series that focuses on policies affecting substance use, mental health prevention, treatment, and recovery. The series is held over the lunch hour, so you grab your lunch or a snack and join us to learn about advocacy and related topics.