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As a 501c3 nonprofit, RecoveryPeople is eligible for government and foundation grant awards. Grants are an important part of our funding mix and sustainability plan. We continue to look for funding opportunities as either the fiscal agent or collaborating partner. Over the years, we have been fortunate to win over $1.5 million in grants, which are highlighted by funder under the following tabs.

Hogg Foundation


Donations made to RecoveryPeople are tax deductible and are vital to the sustainability of the nonprofit. Grants often require matching dollars and restrict how the funding can be spent. Donations are unrestricted dollars that can be used to leverage other funding and fill in financial gaps. Become a donor by clicking the button below.



To further diversify our revenue mix, RecoveryPeople continues to expand our fee-for-service products that fall within the mission of our nonprofit. Many of the training products can be found within our Recovery Academy. You can view other examples by consumer type below.

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