Living Proof That Recovery Happens!

Individuals and Families

Use our resources to help you or someone you love to make an informed recovery support service decision including recovery housing.

Workforce and Providers

For individuals and organizations providing recovery support, access our in-depth training and business incubator programs. Plus, checkout our certification management resources.

Statewide Networks

Networks of individuals and organizations can work together to solve complex social problems. RecoveryPeople's supports and solutions help networks reach their full potential.

Advocates and Policymakers

Champion access to quality recovery support through policy and program development. Learn more about key issues, policymaking, empowered voices and upcoming events.

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About RecoveryPeople

RecoveryPeople is a peer and family led nonprofit based in Texas promoting recovery from substance use issues and related mental health conditions.

Support Our Work

Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers help RecoveryPeople provide low to no cost events and services to more individuals and families in recovery.

News & Events

Recovery is built upon hope, and there is nothing more moving that hearing and reading living proof that recovery happens. Plus, we've highlight peer and family leaders who are contributing to the recovery movement. Take a look!

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