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Statewide Network

RecoveryPeople engages, educates and empowers a network of recovery consumers, workers and providers, which we collectively refer to as the recovery community.

Networks are a set of nodes (people and organizations) connected by links (relationships with and between them), which can be coordinated to solve complex problems and impact social change.

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RecoveryPeople is a 501c3 nonprofit that was founded in 2009.

Our mission is to engage, educate and empower peer- and family-led recovery from substance use and related mental health challenges.


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2021 Award Winners

Person of the Year

Chris Bailey

Peer of the Year

Norma Reyes

Media of the Year

Shawn Livingston

Policy and Advocacy

Consumer access, choice and protections.

Access to support and service means that recovery becomes an expectation and not just a possibility. People need options as well as the guidance to make informed choices, because one-size does not fit all and recovery is a person-driven and lifelong process. Moreover, individuals and affected family members seeking recovery have the right to consumer protections and services that are safe and free from stigma and shame. Learn more at

  • Projects

    • State and national campaigns
    • Brown Bag Advocacy webinar series
    • ABCs of Advocacy training
    • Recovery Day at the Capitol
  • Performance

    • 11 advocacy resources developed
    • 2,000 advocates engaged
    • 4 events, 660 registered
    • 45+ coalition partners in Texas
    • 20+ legislative office meetings
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    • Complete 2021 Policy Survey
    • Attend Big Texas Rally for Recovery

Workforce Development

Peer to career.

From peer to career, RecoveryPeople’s network of instructors, curriculums and continuing education support individuals and family members who want to develop their skills, pursue certification or work in the recovery field.

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  • Projects

    • Recovery Capital Conference
    • RecoveryEducation online learning
    • Scholarships and stipends
    • Curriculum development
  • Performance

    • 470+ scholarship applicants, $200,000+ distributed
    • A network of 11 instructors across 9 of 11 TX Regions
    • Offer 5 online courses, 126 registered students
  • Get involved

    • Enroll in a class
    • Apply for RSPS scholarship
    • Apply for Recovery House Manager scholarship and stipend

Recovery Service Organizations

Ecosystem expansion and enhancement.

RecoveryPeople helps service providers startup, increase outcomes and improve sustainability through the use of best practices. We believe that data drives quality improvement, and with that aim, we work with researchers and providers, alike, to advance the recovery field.

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  • Projects / Activities

    • Project HOMES
    • TROHN
    • OKARR
    • NSTARR
  • Performance

    • 9 TA events, 85 participants
    • 6 learning communities, 60 participants
    • 9 training events, 126 participants
    • 12 TROHN certified homes, 183 recovery beds
    • 174 OKARR certified homes, 967 recovery beds
  • Get involved

    • Enroll in learning communities and classes
    • Become a RecoveryEducation partner organization
    • Apply for recovery housing certification

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About RecoveryPeople

RecoveryPeople is a peer and family led nonprofit based in Texas promoting recovery from substance use issues and related mental health conditions.

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Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers help RecoveryPeople provide low to no cost events and services to more individuals and families in recovery.

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Recovery is built upon hope, and there is nothing more moving that hearing and reading living proof that recovery happens. Plus, we've highlight peer and family leaders who are contributing to the recovery movement. Take a look!

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