State of Texas Advocacy

86th Texas Legislative Session (2019)

The Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP), the Association of Substance Abuse Programs and RecoveryPeople identified the following addiction prevention, treatment and recovery policy priorities in the 86th Texas Legislative Session.

Prevention Works

HB 18 (Price): Relating to consideration of the mental health of public school students in training requirements for certain school employees, curriculum requirements, counseling programs, educational programs, state and regional programs and services, and health care services for students and to mental health first aid program training and reporting regarding local mental health authority and school district personnel.

  • Filed 2/26/19 - Referred to Public Health 2/27/19 - Public hearing 3/13/19 - Pending
  • Senate Companion bill: SB 913 (Watson) Filed 2/19/19 – Referred to Education 3/01/19


HB 19 (Price): Relating to mental health and substance use resources for certain school districts.

  • Filed 2/26/19 - Referred to Public Health - Public hearing 3/13/19 - Pending
  • Companion bill SB 914 (Watson): Filed 2/19/19 – Referred to Health & Human Services 3/01/19


HB 1293 (Price): Relating to recommendations by local school health advisory councils regarding opioid addiction education in public schools.

  • Filed 2/01/19 - Referred to Public Education 2/27/19
  • Companion SB 435 (Nelson): Filed 1/23/19 – Referred to Education 2/14/19 – Hearing 3/19/19 - Pending


SB 305 (Watson): Relating to a defense to prosecution for certain offenses involving possession of small amounts of controlled substances and other prohibited drugs, substances, or paraphernalia for defendants seeking assistance for a suspected overdose.

  • Filed 1/07/19 - Referred to Criminal Justice 2/07/19 - Companion HB 2432 (Raney): Filed 2/25/19 – Referred to Public Health 3/11/19


SB 340 (Huffman): Relating to the creation of a grant program to assist law enforcement agencies with the purchase of opioid antagonists.

Filed 1/11/19 - Referred to Criminal Justice 2/27/19 - Companion HB 1449 (King)

Treatment is Effective
Recovery Support Improves Outcomes