Meet the People in RecoveryPeople

RecoveryPeople is the statewide recovery network of Texas --  a nonprofit that:

  • Engages, educates and empowers the recovery community,
  • Supports changemakers making a difference for others, and
  • Works together to impact social change.

Learn more about our network and leadership below.

Recovery Community


Approximately 2 million Texans report no longer having a substance use issue, and about 1 million Texas identify as being in recovery.

Affected Family Members

3.3 million Texas households are impacted by addiction (1 in 3).  25% of the US have a first-degree relative with SUD, and 10% of children live with an alcoholic parent.

Allies and Stakeholders

Due to personal and economic impact, many support recovery. Societal costs of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use are nearly 6 percent of US GDP — over $1.6 trillion in 2023.


RecoveryPeople supports changemakers (e.g., advocates, recovery workers, social entreprenuers, recovery researchers and stakeholders). Since the mid-1800s, if not before, individuals and family members impacted by substance use and related mental health challenges have used their lived experience as changemakers. They are uniquely qualified to identify policy solutions, provider direct support, create innovative solutions and more. Being a changemaker is reflective of recovery values and can be as rewarding to the person(s) driving the change as it is to the person(s) benefiting from the change. Thus the saying, "Give to get". What type of changemaker are you? Click the buttons below to learn more.

Social Impact Network

Together with the recovery community and ally organizations, we create a social impact network to drive systems level change. Social impact network refers to a system of interconnected people and organizations that work together to solve complex problems and impact social change:

  • Potential is measured through the quantity and quality of the relationships within it 
  • Attraction is a reflection of shared goals, impact and trust
  • Network of networks links different  areas of focus and perspectives


RecoveryPeople is a statewide recovery community organization, meaning we are a 501c3 nonprofit that is primarily (> 50%) led by individuals and family members in recovery from substance use and/or related mental health challenges. Our leaderships' lived experience and subject matter expertise make RecoveryPeople uniquely qualified to identify challenges and develop solutions. Learn more by clicking on the buttons below.