Recovery Residence Certification

Recovery Residence is an umbrella term that describes a spectrum of alcohol and drug free living environments that use peer support, and other supportive services, to promote addiction recovery. Learn more about recovery residences in our Recovery Academy.

Certification and Accreditation

To further our mission, RecoveryPeople provides and promotes various recovery support services and workforce accreditations and certifications. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Connecting people, communities and resources - Certifications and accreditations are an effective and outward facing mechanism for supporting and incentivizing best practices over time.
  • Building the capacity of recovery workforce and support services - Certifications promotes recovery support service quality and fidelity and builds capacity to meet the needs of individuals starting and sustaining recovery.
  • Shaping recovery policy and program development - Certification plays a key role policies that protect individuals rights (e.g. fair housing rights) while funding quality capacity.

To accomplish these objectives, RecoveryPeople providers the following services:

Recovery Residence Certification: TROHN

RecoveryPeople oversees the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN), the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). As such, TROHN certifies recovery residences that meet NARRs national standards. NARR/TROHN certificated recovery residences are highlighted in our Recovery Directory, and recovery housing providers are encouraged to become an active member of TROHN and the Recovery Incubator.

Notice: The National Alliance for Recovery Residences will be publishing an updated version of the standard by October 15, 2018. In preparation for the new standard, TROHN will not be accepting new applications until then. A draft copy of the proposed standards will be posted on this webpage when it becomes available. NARR solicits public input while the draft is published. All input is taken into consideration by the NARR Standards Committee before the final draft is submitted to the NARR Board for a final vote.

Recovery Residence Workforce Development and Certification

Staffing and governance vary across the 4 types of recovery residences (Levels of Support), but for most recovery residences, key roles fit within one of the follow categories.