RecoveryPeople works in various ways to organize and mobilize the recovery community in program and policy development, with the goal to protect recovery rights and reduce stigma.

Recovery Votes

For various reasons, people in recovery and their families are among the most disenfranchised groups in the nation. Learn more about the steps you can take today.
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Grassroots Empowerment

Change starts small; here's what we can do together to make a big difference.
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Coalitions and Collaborations

Learn more about the coalitions and collaborative efforts that RecoveryPeople has partnered with.
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RecoveryPeople provides leadership in key state and national positions.
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Recovery Rights

RecoveryPeople advocates for the right of persons in recovery.
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Awareness and Stigma Reduction

Our system's response to addiction -- one of public safety, rather than public health -- makes no sense until we realize that addiction continues to be one of the most stigmatized health conditions in the US. We're working to change that.
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