Peer and Recovery Organization Sustainability, Planning, Equity and Research (PROSPER)

(September 29, 2023 through September 29, 2025)

Through the Peer and Recovery Organization Sustainability, Planning, Equity and Research (PROSPER) project, RecoveryPeople will expand its social impact network across peer and recovery organizations (PROs), payers, and stakeholders to develop sustainability models and a statewide strategic plan that is data driven and affirmatively furthers health equity for marginalized communities. Using a multilateral approach, PROSPER will engage the social impact network to identify policy, knowledge, and capacity strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that will in turn inform the development and implementation of multidirectional solutions; including advocacy and awareness campaigns coupled with educational materials, courses and technical assistance. PROSPER will strengthen the capacity of peer and recovery organizations to drive state, local and organization policies, to access a more diverse set of revenue streams, and to advance the integration and provision of recovery support services across coordinated state and local recovery-oriented systems of care.


Goals are:

  1. Weave a cross-sector, social impact network of PROs, payers and stakeholders committed to peer and recovery organization sustainability, planning, equity and research (PROSPER);
  2. Develop a coordinated, data-informed, statewide strategic plan to expand access to PRSS delivered by PROs;
  3. Address knowledge gap and infrastructure barriers across and between PROs, payers and stakeholders; 
  4. Address policy gaps and barriers by empowering the voice of PROs and lived experience; and 
  5. Affirmatively further health equity for marginalized communities.