Podcast – RP 42 UT Center for Students in Recovery-Sierra Castedo, Director

Today on Recovery People, we talk about student recovery on college campuses with Sierra Castedo, Director at the Center for Students in Recover at the University of Texas.  The mission of the CSR is to provide a supportive community where students in recovery, and in hope of recovery, can achieve academic success while enjoying a genuine college experience free from alcohol and other drugs.  We also talk about how the program’s success at UT Austin has paved the way for similar centers at all of UT’s campuses throughout Texas.  If you’re in college and think you may need help…this show is for you! Also, if you’re in high school and already in recovery, Sierra has some great information that could help you while selecting a university that would support you and your recovery.  Check out the CSR’s website while you listen! http://www.utexas.edu/student/studentaffairs/recovery/]]>