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Podcast – RP 25: Million Hearts Series Kickoff Episode

Taking heart health and wellness viral in the recovery community

Sobering fact: people in recovery have higher rates of heart attacks and strokes compared to the general population. More than the damage we did to our organs in active addiction, its the chain smoking, artery clogging food choices and sedentary lifestyle that causes many of us to survive chemical dependency only to die of cardiovascular disease. The good news, is that we can lower our risk by adding heart health and wellness to our path of recovery. So, tune in, turn on, and check us out because RecoveryPeople’s Million Heart series is going to help show you what we are talking about.


This episode it the kickoff of a special RecoveryPeople podcast series on heart health and wellness which is supported through a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 2014 Million Hearts grant award. SoberHood is honored to be one of four recipients of this award in the nation which is apart of a much larger Million Hearts initiative aimed at helping prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2014. Follow this link to learn more about about blood pressure control, smoking cessation and other preventive measures.


Plus, RecoveryPeople is excited to welcome Sandy Hollier as our new co-host. Sandy joins Kirk Zajac and Jason Howell in our newly equip studio (that sounds LEGIT! Thank you, SAMHSA) to discuss heart health and the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. And, a big thanks to Michael Brockman for helping us set up the studio. RecoveryPeople has never sounded better.