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Podcast – RecoveryPeople Volume 2

February 12, 2012
Today on Recovery People…She’s the one who said it…to paraphrase one of Whitney Houston’s biggest hits… self-love is the greatest love of all…but this week we lost one of the world’s most famous and successful recording artists…her battle with addiction was well-documented, we’ll reflect a bit on the impact of her death…also this week, it’s about love, it’s about romance….and frankly it can be about relapse…the greeting card holiday that so many of us love to hate is this week…life coach and sexologist in training Emily Kleine joins us to talk about Valentine’s Day and how sex and romance should and shouldn’t factor in to recovery…plus, addiction on campus is something a surprising number of colleges and universities in this country would just rather not talk about…but The University of Texas is one of a handful of schools that is facing the problem head on…and helping students navigate their education…and their recovery…we’ll talk to Ivana Grahovic, director of the UT Center for Students in Recovery, as well as Kate Millichamp, one if the students in the program…