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Peer of the Year

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Nominee Acceptance and Consent Form

You have been nominated for RecoveryPeople's Peer of the Year , which is awarded to an individual or affected family member that has promoted or directly supported others in recovery from substance use and related mental health challenges using their lived experience and/or recovery support training. The award recipient must: 1) publicly self identify as a person in recovery from substance use or co-occurring issues and/or an affected family member in recovery; 2) be, at the time of the nomination, a recovery advocate, a direct recovery service provider (e.g. Peer Specialist or Recovery House Manager), and/or a recovery workforce instructor or supervisor; AND 3) demonstrate accomplishments that reflect RecoveryPeople's mission, vision, and values.

Mission: To engage, educate and empower peer- and family-led recovery from substance use and related mental health challenges

Vision: We envision an ecosystem of recovery in every community that is accessible to everyone

Our Values:

  • Lived experience - We are a led and governed by individuals and family members in recovery
  • Participatory - We believe in participatory and grassroots engagement
  • Quality - We support fidelity to best practices
  • We pledge to be transparent, collaborative, and inclusive in the way we conduct business
  • We are focused on consumer protection
  • Integrity - We operate with a high level of integrity
  • We are action oriented and socially entrepreneurial
  • We work together and with others to weave a network that has a shared purpose
  • We authentically support equity, diversity and inclusion