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Congratulations! You have been selected to receive RecoveryPeople's Media Award of the Year , which honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions in print, radio, podcasts, video, television, social media and/or online publications that provided information to the general public about substance use and related mental health challenges. Nominations are solicited from the recovery community. The award recipient must:
  • Demonstrate leadership in their respective media area by accurately portraying individuals and/or affected family members in recovery from substance use and/or co occurring mental health challenges;
  • Responsibly use persons and/or affected family members as resources; AND
  • Decreased stigma, increased understanding or awareness, spread hope of recovery and/or effectively communicate the impact of policy decisions.
  • Demonstrate accomplishments that reflect RecoveryPeople's mission, vision and values.

Mission: To engage, educate and empower peer- and family-led recovery from substance use and related mental health challenges

Vision: We envision an ecosystem of recovery in every community that is accessible to everyone

Our Values:

  • Lived experience - We are a led and governed by individuals and family members in recovery
  • Participatory - We believe in participatory and grassroots engagement
  • Quality - We support fidelity to best practices
  • We pledge to be transparent, collaborative, and inclusive in the way we conduct business
  • We are focused on consumer protection
  • Integrity - We operate with a high level of integrity
  • We are action oriented and socially entrepreneurial
  • We work together and with others to weave a network that has a shared purpose
  • We authentically support equity, diversity and inclusion