Legislative Updates

Both of our bills have passed through the house and our now in the Senate.

HB 1465 – “Relating to a study on expanding recovery housing in this state.”

Author: Moody/Murr

Sponsor: Menendez

Cosponsor: Miles/West

Referred to: Health & Human Services 4/17/19

Scheduled for Public Hearing 5/14/17

HB 1758“Relating to a grant program and inter-agency review of resources to support and sustain recovery community organizations.” 

Author: White

Referred to: Health & Human Services 5/8/19

Both bills are supportive of developing a continuum of care for those seeking to maintain and flourish in their recovery.

Since both bill are in the Health & Human Services committee. They must first be voted out of committee. Once voted out of committee they bills will go to the full Senate to be voted on.

The following are the members of the Health & Human Services Committee:

  • Sen. Lois W. Kolkhorst – Chair
  • Sen. Charles Perry – Vice Chair
  • Sen. Dawn Buckingham
  • Sen. Donna Campbell
  • Sen. Peter P. Flores
  • Sen. Nathan Johnson
  • Sen. Boris L. Miles
  • Sen. Beverly Powell
  • Sen. Kel Seliger

Frederick Douglas, the great abolitionist,  said two things that are germane to the work we have done this session:

  1. “If there is no struggle there is no progress” During this session, Jason and I spent hours walking through the hall of the capital, participating in discussions and work groups, and writing one-pagers in an effort to to find legislators who would champion to our bills. Jason had the additional task of mentoring me so I know he would say that the struggle was real.
  2. “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will.” Beyond the work that we have been doing, it has been your voices that have made the difference. Your visits on Recovery Day at the Capital, your calls and emails to legislators offices, made the difference in how  HB 1465 and HB 1758 were received and treated. As a result our bills have a great chance of becoming laws in the State of Texas. How cool is that?