Capacity expansion and enhancement

RecoveryPeople helps recovery service providers startup, increase outcomes and improve sustainability through the use of best practices. We believe that data drives quality improvement, and with that aim, we work with researchers and providers, alike, to advance the recovery field.

Fidelity to Quality Standards

Recovery support services cost effectively improve outcomes, but not everyone who says they are providing recovery supports are doing so with fidelity. For various reasons, recovery services providers have floated towards other models of care. In addition, others have stepped into the space and brand themselves as "recovery". For these and many more reasons, the recovery movement has established nationally recognized quality standards across the various service domains, and RecoveryPeople has played a key role in assessing fidelity.

RecoveryPeople promotes and provides start up and/or ongoing support to State Affiliates of the National Alliance for Recovery Residence (NARR). Affiliates are responsible for providing training and technical assistance, certifying recovery housing that meet the national standard, posting a directory of certified recovery homes and administering a grievance and complaints process.

Recovery Housing

RecoveryPeople supports to State Affiliates of the National Alliance for Recovery Residence (NARR), who are responsible for certifying recovery housing that meet the national standard.

Peer Recovery Services

RecoveryPeople staff serve as Onsite Reviewers for the Council Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS) accreditation program.

Project HOMES

RecoveryPeople provides technical assistance to recovery housing providers that are adapting their policies, programming and culture in order to support persons seeking recovery who are taking prescribed medication, including medication assisted treatment.


RecoveryPeople serves as a Senior Consultant to the National Study on Treatment and Addiction Recovery Residences (NSTARR). This NIAAA-funded research is the most comprehensive study of recovery housing of its kind.

RCO Mentorship

RecoveryPeople developed a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) Mentorship program for the Ohio Citizen Advocates for Addiction Recovery (OCAAR) based on stakeholder input.