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Garrett C. Higley is a person in long term recovery. Garrett graduated from Texas A&M University with honors and went on to graduate from South Texas College of Law with distinction. After beginning his legal career in Houston, Texas he moved to Austin in 2006 and began the practice of family law shortly thereafter. Garrett has consistently practiced in the field of family law for thirteen years handling complex family law matters with an emphasis on mental health and substance abuse issues, and giving back to the community through significant pro bono legal work. In additional to his volunteer legal work, Garrett has devoted a considerable amount of time to volunteer work and non-profit board work over the years, focusing largely on the HIV/AIDS community, the legal community, and in more recent years the recovery community. A former member of the Austin Galano Board (an non-profit club providing a safe space for the LGBT community and its allies to attend recovery meetings), a current board member of Austin Recovery, and Recovery People, Garrett spends a great deal of his free time serving members of the recovery community. Most recently Garrett founded Quantum Recovery Services, partnering with Jan Pompei of Life Choice Interventions, to create a dynamic new company with multiple offerings, including legal services, concierge level case management, and sober living.