Trauma Informed Recovery Systems Framework – Finding Our Common Ground

Trauma Informed Recovery Systems Framework – Finding Our Common Ground was a speaker panel session at the 2015 Recovery Capital Conference. Speaker:

  • Candace Aylor, RN, CFP
Program Description: A recovery system that is trauma informed understands that what has happened to us may impact what we do, that recovery from when bad things happen requires that a person’s power be returned to them, and that we can achieve this when we all work together on common ground.  Adult, youth and family peers; substance abuse and mental health; Recovery, Trauma Informed, Systems of Care, Prevention and Person-Centered – within our groups and between them, our competing priorities are those things we have in common. Could finding common ground be at the core of sustaining a Trauma Informed Recovery Systems Framework?  Please join me as we discuss why finding our common ground just might be the key to sustainability. Objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Discuss the principles of “Trauma Informed Care”, and be able to relate them to the principles of other SAMHSA initiatives.
  2. Identify the common elements of those SAMHSA initiatives related to peer services.
  3. Describe the link between finding our common ground, and ensuring sustainability of efforts to transform systems to be trauma informed.