• Staff and Leaders

  • All peer and/or staff roles are guided by written job descriptions including:
    Role title
    Role description
    Eligibility criteria
    Required knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Your staffing or leadership plan documents who is responsible for...
    Cultivate peer support and mutual aid
    Cultivate a sense of community
    Linking residents to residents community resources
    Community resource mapping / directory
    Deliver or facilitate peer-based recovery support services
    Deliver or facilitate life skills development classes
    Deliver clinical services
    Provide staff supervision and development
    Screen applicants and orient new residents
    Property inspection
    Property maintenance
  • Your staffing or leadership plan documents which roles require:
    Subject matter expertise
    Lived experience
    Ability to reflect recovery principles
    Versed or training in social model recovery
    Versed in best practices
    Ability to model genuine, empathy and positive regard
  • Your staffing plan demonstrates
    Ongoing staff and/or leader performance development
    Staff and/or leaders have a written skills development plans
    Staff and/or leader achievements are acknowledged or celebrated
    Adminstrators or senior management create a positive, productive work environment
    Staff are encouraged to have a network of support
  • Trainings

    Please detail which parties receive the listed trainings, as applicable.
  • Upload your staff and/or leadership manual used to guide or train staff and/or peer leaders. [Note: We recommend you upload using one of the following file formats: jpg, gif, png, pdf]
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, doc.
  • Where are your Staff or Leaders Policies and Procedures documented? List the document name and relative page numbers.

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