• Resident Agreement

  • Is there are written agreement between the recovery residence and individual residents that includes the following:
    Resident rights
    House rules, requirements, social covenants or codes of conduct
    Financial obligations
    Services provided / terms
    Recovery goals
    Relapse policies
    Removal of personal property left behind (abandoned)
  • [Note: We recommend you upload using one of the following file formats: jpg, gif, png, pdf]
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, doc.
  • Prior to the initial acceptance of any funds and entering into a binding agreement, are the following disclosed to the resident (financially responsible):
    Yes.No. Seeking variance.N/A
    All fees and charges paid to the recovery residence
    All potential fees and charges paid to 3rd party service in which residents maybe required to participate. Including insurance deductibles, if applicable.
    Refund policies
    All payments from 3rd party payers for any fees paid on their behalf
  • Where is this policy written? Identify the document name (e.g. policy and procedure manual) and page number.

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