Certification Process

RecoveryPeople has broken the certification process down into three steps:

  1. Online Self Assessment and Application – Completing the application takes time, because it often requires recovery residence providers to think about policies and procedures that they may not have thought of before. With that in mind, RecoveryPeople has broken this step down into numerous sections and topic areas. This allows you to take a “bite sized” approach, saving as you go. Progress at your own pace by marking each section and topic complete.
    • Payment – You only have to pay, if you decide to submit the application for review.
    • Online Application Review: Once you have submitted your application, a designated Affiliate Representative will review it. They may contact you for clarification or additional documentation.
  2. Virtual Interviews РAfter the online application review is complete, a Designated Affiliate Representative will contact you to schedule one or more interviews, which are conducted over the phone or through a webcasting platform. There are lots of wonderful things about your recovery residence and its culture that just cannot be capture in an online application. Based on the online application and the virtual interview, the Reviewer(s) will determine what Level of Support you provide. If you disagree about the Level classification, you can ask for clarification and/or appeal the classification. The Review will explain why they have come to a particular Level determination. Note, a Review cannot develop a policy, procedure or program in order to change the Level determination.
  3. Onsite Review –¬†Because there are a number of NARR standards that can only be assessed in person, an Onsite Review will visit and assess each of your properties. Prior to their visit, you will be provided with an Onsite Self Assessment, so you can identify and address any issues that could prevent the property from being certified. Someone representing the recovery residence must be present for the onsite review. The Review must be able to have access to areas of the property in order to review them. For example, a Review can not evaluate a sleeping room, if the door is locked. Note, the Onsite Reviewer is only there to assess the property. They can offer you clarification on a NARR standard that is related to the onsite review.

Once certified, you will receive verification and instructions on how to get your recovery residence profile published in statewide or national directories.