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Sober Fun!

Sober Fun! was a speaker panel session at the 2015 Recovery Capital Conference. Panelists:

  • John I, Texas State Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (TXCYPAA)
  • Lew Mickley Sober Recreations Committee
  • Lizette Smith, Young People in Recovery
  • Sierra Castedo, BA, PRS, Director of The Center for Students in Recovery at the University of Texas at Austin
Happy Boot Camp Fitness Group Program Description: The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that people in recovery are “not a glum lot;” a statement that is as true today as it was 80 years ago. But having sober fun as a person new in recovery can be a little daunting at first. This breakout session will discuss ways to help newcomers and oldtimers alike enjoy sober recreation. Objectives: At the close of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify successes and challenges for planning and executing sober fun.
  2. Discuss contextual considerations (12-Step fellowships, community organizations, institutions, etc.)
  3. List ideas for fun, sober activities.