Grassroots Empowerment

RecoveryPeople empowers the voices of persons and families in recovery in order to shape policies and programs at the service, organization, local, state, and/or federal level.

  • Participatory Process – Whereas recovery is a person-driven process, recovery-oriented organizations and systems utilize a participatory processes. Participatory processes engage consumer, public, and/or stakeholder participation in strategic planning, governance, and/or management. Learn more about the participatory process and consumer advisory boards in our Recovery Academy.
  • Skills Development and Mentorship – While some may be “natural born” advocates, most cultivate these skills overtime and through peer mentorship. RecoveryPeople supports leadership development through our Recovery Academy, Retreats and Events.
  • Policymaker Engagement – Only a fraction of voters engage their local, state, and federal officials. Those who develop a relationship with and are seen as a resource by decisionmakers are well positioned to shape policy. RecoveryPeople supports policymaker engagement through educational resources found in our Recovery Academy, and through co-hosted events such as Recovery Day at the Capitol and ABCs of Advocacy.
  • Policy Priorities and Strategic Planning – Recovery barriers and challenges are often complex and touch a labyrinth of systems. Individuals and communities need a process to understand various perspectives and move towards strategies and solutions. RecoveryPeople uses several methods to support this process, including: online surveys, semi-structured interviews, listening sessions, Townhalls, and participatory strategic planning. Findings and recommendations are published, many of which can be found in our Recovery Academy, and used by individuals to establish policy priorities and action plans.
  • Network Weaving – RecoveryPeople is a social-impact network of peers and families in recovery, and recovery organizations collaborating to increase addiction recovery and resiliency in Texas. It is through this tapestry that we can effectively communicate, collaborate, and mobilize. Learn more about network weaving in our Recovery Academy.