Coalitions and Collaborations

RecoveryPeople has actively participated in and/or supported the development of several coalitions and collaborations:

  • Substance Use Disorder Coalition of Texas (SUD C) – RecoveryPeople has been an active member of the Substance Use Disorder Coalition of Texas (SUD-C) since 2015. The SUD-C is a coalition of individuals and organizations focused on state policy that impacts persons with substance use disorder. The SUD-C meets year around, but is most active during a Texas Legislative Session. While most of the members of the SUD-C are also actively involved with the Coalition of Healthy Minds, they saw the need for a coalition specifically focused on state policies that impact persons with a history of substance use disorder.
  • Peer Support Advocacy Coalition – We support and are actively engaged with the Peer Support Advocacy Coalition, which formed to coordinate peers from both the mental health and substance use recovery communities.
  • Local RecoveryPeople Collaboratives RecoveyPeople promoted local infrastructure development through a 2014-17 SAMHSA grant, because people receive support through local systems of care as well as local recovery leaders, who can work together to make the greatest change.For example, leaders in Austin formed Recovery Oriented Community Collaborative (ROCC). Learn more about the development and success of local collaboratives in our Recovery Academy.
  • Texas Recovery Network – A collaboration between RecoveryPeople (the recovery community), the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (clinical professionals), and the Association of Substance Abuse Programs (addiction prevention and treatment providers) focused on state policy. Co-hosted activities include: ABCs of Advocacy and Recovery Day at the Capitol.