Recovery in Texas Schools

Recovery in Texas Schools was a speaker panel session at the 2015 Recovery Capital Conference. Program Description: From prevention to SBIRT to recovery support services. What doesGroup of six friends having fun outside the continuum of care look like for Texas youth? This session will provide a broad overview of the complete package: prevention efforts, intervention in schools, SBIRT, adolescent treatment, APG’s, recovery high schools and peer supports. Objectives: At the close of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend best practices for adolescent continuum of care.
  • Understand developmental needs of high school students in recovery.
  • Identify community assets and gaps in the State of Texas adolescent system.
  • Understanding the value of recovery support in an educational setting.
  • Brief overview of the structure of a recovery school or collegiate recovery program: commonalities and areas for flexibility/adaptability for your community’s needs.
Panelists: Julie McElrath, Executive Director, University High School Sierra Castedo, BA, PRS, Director of The Center for Students in Recovery at the University of Texas at Austin Robert Ashford, PRS, Program Director for Young People in Recovery Facilitator: Kristen Harper, M.Ed., LCDC, Executive Director, Association of Recovery Schools]]>