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PROSPER Network Membership Application

Complete the application below to join the Peer and Recovery Organization Sustainability Planning Equity and Research (PROSPER) Network. Along with the recovery community and stakeholder organizations, RecoveryPeople creates a social impact network to address complex problems. The purpose of PROSPER is to strengthen the capacity of peer and recovery organizations to:

  1. Drive state, local and organization policies;
  2. Access a more diverse set of revenue streams; and
  3. Advance the integration and provision of recovery support services across coordinated state and local recovery-oriented systems of care.
What organization do you represent? (If you represent more than one, you are welcomed to enter multiple organizations separated by a comma ",")
What is your title or role within the organization?
What email can RecoveryPeople use to send you updates on progress, events and news as well as opportunities for you to contribute qualitative and quantitate data?
What perspective(s) to you bring to the PROSPER network? (Choose at least one)
The potential impact of a network is measured through the number and quality of the connections within in it. In the spirit of increasing the impact of the PROSPER network, help use invite peer and recovery organizations, payers or stakeholders to join. You can let us know who you will be inviting below, or you can share their name, contact and/or their organization and we will reach out to them.
Advisory Committee Nominee
If you would like to nominate someone to serve on the PROSPER Advisory Committee, please provide their name.
How can we contact the person you are nominating to the PROSPER Advisory Committee
What knowledge, skills, abilities, perspectives and experience does your nominee bring to the advisory committee?