Texans for Recovery and Resiliency Announces its 2016 Advisory Council and Launches a Cross-Training Initiative

January 6, 2016

Austin, Texas — Texans for Recovery and Resiliency is a SAMHSA-supported statewide network collaboration between the Texas Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (TXFFCHM) and RecoveryPeople. Entering into its second year, this collaboration empowers adult peers, transitioning youth and family voices in mental health and substance use recovery program and policy development. To that end, Texans for Recovery and Resiliency is happy to announces its 2016 Advisory Council: AJ Benavidez-Garcia, Kay Brotherton, Art Garcia, Tanya Jopling, Riker Kirchheiner, Wendy Latham, Pace Lawson, Sara Martinez, Jana Murphy-Magee, Janet Paleo, Joseph Sanchez and Jeffery Seay and Lori Holleran Steiker. This diverse Advisory Council includes perspectives from across peer and family support communities throughout the State of Texas. In 2016, Texans for Recovery and Resiliency will develop a centralized directory of trainings and curriculums used by peers and family support. This will inform a cross-training strategic plan and the development of a Cross-Training of Trainers and ongoing learning community that will support trainers as they brining the cross-training to their respective communities. To accomplish this, we for help in identify the different types of educational resources, trainings and curriculums that peer specialists and family supporters can access to develop their skills and better promote mental health, trauma and substance use recovery and resiliency. This directory will be posted online and serve as the foundation for the strategic plan and subsequent activities. If you include your contact information with your submission, we will keep you updated on our progress and the upcoming cross-training opportunities.]]>