Policy and Legislation

Policy Priorities for 87th Legislative session

RecoveryPeople in partnership with the Network of Behavioral Health Providers submitted 2 requests for exceptional items to be added to the HHSC Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR). We are excited to report that over 30 organizations supported these requests.

RecoveryPeople's 87th Legislative Advocacy Handbook (click here)

Recovery Housing Policy Brief (HB 544)

Patient Brokering Policy Brief

Community Recovery Org Policy Brief

Texas Advocacy Materials

Recovery Housing

Recovery Housing Study

Passed and signed by the Governor on June 16, 2021!!!

HB 707 (Rep. Moody)- A similar version of HB 707 was filed last session and did not come to fruition. We were excited to hear Rep. Moody filed it again and that is was signed into law effective 09/01/2021. We look forward to supporting HHSC in completing this very much needed study and are grateful to Rep. Moody and his staff for all of their hard work and support.

  • Assigned to House Public Health committee
  • Conduct a study on expansion of recovery housing in rural and urban areas across Texas
  • Identify the impact of state and federal regulatory deficiencies on recovery housing
  • Identify the current status of recovery housing in Texas


Voluntary Recovery Housing Certification

We are excited that CSHB 544 passed the House and made it to the Senate. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before it could be passed in the Senate and sent off to the Governor. We are hopeful this will be filed again for the 88th session.

What is it?

  • Adopts a common definition of recovery housing and establishes a voluntary recovery housing certification program based on national standards

Why do we need it?

  • Corrupt business practices between treatment and recovery housing providers across the state
  • Protect Whistleblowers (Individuals are afraid of losing safety, housing, and/or jobs)
  • Corruption has become normalized

What does it do?

  • Rep. Murr- HB 292;
  • Rep. Minjarez- HB 544Incentivised Voluntary Certification
  • Both assigned to House Public Health committee
  • Implements and incentives voluntary recovery housing certification
  • Expands investment in training and technical assistance
  • Develops and implements state model laws to address corrupt business practices
  • Gives clear directions regarding referrals and funding



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