Policy and Legislation

Policy Priorities for 87th Legislative session

Recovery Housing

Voluntary Recovery Housing Certification

What is it?

  • Adopts a common definition of recovery housing and establishes a voluntary recovery housing certification program based on national standards

Why do we need it?

  • Corrupt business practices between treatment and recovery housing providers across the state
  • Protect Whistleblowers (Individuals are afraid of losing safety, housing, and/or jobs)
  • Corruption has become normalized

What does it do?

  • Rep. Murr- HB 292; Rep. Minjarez- HB 544
  • Implements and incentives voluntary recovery housing certification
  • Expands investment in training and technical assistance
  • Develops and implements state model laws to address corrupt business practices
  • Gives clear directions regarding referrals and funding
Patient Brokering
Community Recovery Organizations

State of Texas

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