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Podcast – RP:14 Trina Frierson | Women in recovery

Barriers to recovery can be high for women. They can be high for people who are experiencing homelessness and high for people re-entering society from incarceration. Now, stack all three, and you can begin to understand that even an Olympian would have difficulty jumping that. But with the support of her peers, today’s guest did just that. Now, she is mending hearts ( And pushing recovery resources out of the offices and into the communities. RecoveryPeople looks at how a group of women injected the culture of recovery into “the hood” and turned an at-risk neighborhood into a safe, vibrant community. Plus, the disease of addiction is color blind, and so is the recovery solution. If you’ve got money, I can find you the time with service provider but what about those who don’t. Often it is those with the least means that need the most help. They deserve a beautiful life in recovery as well, but who is stepping up to support their road to recovery? Trina Frierson is. Today’s guest is the Executive Director and co-founder of Mending Hearts in Nashville TN. Mending Hearts provides shelter, hope and healing to women who are homeless due to addiction, co-occurring disorders, mental or emotional disorders. We recently phoned Trina to learn how she is making a difference in a populations that many consider “too difficult” to serve.]]>