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Podcast – RP:12 Megan Lilly | Getting kicked out saved me

The All American Girl in recovery gives us the inside scoop on recovery housing, relapses, jail house epiphanies and Narconon. This week on RecoveryPeople: We continue with our special series, Home is Where the Recovery Heart Is, an exploration of recovery residences, the spectrum of housing that doubles as recovery support. These recovery culture microcosms range from peer-run sober homes to clinician run residential programs. Today’s guest, Megan Lilly, knows recovery residences from the inside. She shares how she got kick out of a Level 2 recovery residence and why she now lives in an Oxford House, the most popular brand of a Level 1. Plus, Travis Co. County Jail, it does not look like a church, but it is a place where life changing epiphanies happen. And Narconon — the Church of Scientiology’s solution to addiction. All this and more on RecoveryPeople]]>