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Podcast – RP:11 Jackson Longan | Oxford House

Oxford House, a name that stretches around the world of recovery. This week, RecoveryPeople kicks off its ongoing series, Home is Where the Recovery Heart Is, with a peek at Oxford House, an evidenced-based practice that is internationally known. Addiction and recovery experts list housing as one of the most needed recovery resources, but without a culture of recovery, a living environment foster the disease of addiction. Home is Where the Recovery Heart Is explores recovery residences, the spectrum of housing that doubles as recovery support. In the spectrum of recovery residences, Oxford House is a shinning example of a Level 1, the most resident empowered living environment of recovery residences’ 4 levels. Oxford Houses are democratically run by peers who hold each other accountable living together as family in recovery. Oxford House personally enriched today’s guest’s life in recovery. So much so, that Jackson Longan is giving back as a Regional Outreach Manager for Oxford House, Inc. We recently talked to Jackson about his journey and the importance of living in a culture of recovery. This and more on Volume 11 of RecoveryPeople.]]>