Podcast – RP 9: Drew Brooks | Faith Partners

Addiction — some view it as a hole in the soul. So, does this mean addiction a god-less sin or is disease? Given its Easter Sunday, we ask, “What is the role of faith in recovery?” In this episode of RecoveryPeople, we will explore recovery from the Faith community’s perspective by profiling Faith Partners, a non-profit blending faith and science to build recovery resilience and recovery capital as well as awakening congregations to their role in a recovery oriented system of care. This and more on RecoveryPeople… At the intersection of addiction recovery and the faith-community, you will find today’s guest, Drew Brooks, the Executive Director of Faith Partners, a non-profit organization providing leadership, administration and training for a congregational team ministry model. Drew is a 28 year veteran in the addiction treatment and recovery field. His resume includes working for the esteemed Hazelden Treatment Center and he holds several leadership roles in the current recovery movement. Drew is the co-chair for the Austin ROSC initiative, he is a members of the Texas Recovery Initiative’s Faith-based work group and he sits on the State of Texas’ BRSS TACS advisory team. (Bring Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy)]]>