Podcast – RP 8 Machismo in Recovery, Recovery in Gay Pride & Living with HIV

Machismo in addiction recovery, recovery’s role in Gay Pride and “Good news / bad news… you’r HIV+”. This and more, on this week’s episode, Volume 8, of RecoveryPeople. “Family unity” and “community support”, two phrases synonymous with the Hispanic/Latino culture. But does this self reliance isolate Hispanics with substance use and co-occurring issues from recovery support? Or do these strengths form the foundation of a culture of recovery? Recovery Coach, Joseph Sanchez, shares his brand of Machismo in long term recovery. Plus, Gay Pride, a celebration of civil rights and self acceptance for some that is a ritual of substance abuse others. Driven by stigma, Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals use earlier as teens, use heavier as adults and use later in life than their straight peers. This creates the perfect cocktail for addiction. Our guests weighs in on the need for LGBT role models that infuse recovery wellness into the concept of Gay Pride. And, do YOU know your HIV status? Substance abuse and HIV are common bed fellows. What is it like to be living in recovery from addiction AND HIV? Stay tune-in and find out.]]>