Podcast – RP 40: Texans Respond to the Opiate Epidemic and Heroin Related Deaths

Who knew dope could bring Republicans and Democrats together on an issue!  Today’s guest Mark Kinzly and Charles Thibodeaux of the Texas Overdose Naloxone Initiative (TONI) and Robin Peyson of Communities for Recovery discuss several legislative bills that are being introduced into the 84th Texas Legislator in response to the opiate epidemic, which is driving heroin related deaths up by 39% from 2012 to 2013. As a major highway for heroin being smuggled into other state, many believe that the opiate problem maybe even bigger than Texas data indicates due to reporting issues. According to this coalition of recovery advocates, H.B. 1098 and H.B. 1099 are a huge step in the right direction towards reducing the overdose deaths in Texas. The “Good Samaritan” bill will lower barriers to calling 911 emergency services, and making naloxone available in the community setting and for law enforcement, can arrest an overdose until the individual can get to proper medical attention.]]>