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Podcast – RP 34: Cerina J | Smoking “Unplugged”, Why and How She Quit

Stripping away the experts, the research and the awareness campaigns, this episode of RecoveryPeople asks Cerina J, a women in long-term addiction recovery, why she finally decided to quit smoking and how she did it. To varying degrees, people know that smoking is bad for us, yet despite this awareness, the sober community makes a huge exception for nicotine. What’s up with that? Is it that nicotine is as addictive as heroin or is it that peer pressure to smoke (or to start smoking) persists in the recovery community. Focusing on the solution, Cerina walks us through her experience with different types of smoking cessation services. She speaks the truth for so many, “I was willing to pay all that money for cigarettes but I was unwilling to spend any on stopping” and she highlights the FREE and comprehensive service at Seton Hospital that worked best for her. All this and more on this episode of RecoveryPeople.]]>