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Podcast – RP 32: Dress for Success, Recovery and Wellness

Occupational wellness is the personal satisfaction and enrichment derived from one’s work according to SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness, and no one supports that better than today’s guest, Judy Chambers, the Executive Director of Dress for Success Austin. Dress for Success is a nonprofit that provides pre and post-employment educational and support opportunities for disadvantaged women in Central Texas. Many of those women are in recovery from substance use issues. Dress for Success Austin is one of 133 affiliates in 16 countries and is built upon a foundation of volunteerism and community which are essential elements of recovery.  Judy shares heart touching stories of women overcoming adversity and reaching new heights of success and talks about the award winning documentary, In Her Shoes, shot in Austin, Texas that highlights a Dress for Success community member’s journey from homelessness to wellness. Judy also shares her inspiring journey. Judy is a retired educator and guidance counselor with 32 years of experience in Colorado and Texas.  Judy holds a BS in Family Studies from Colorado State University and has completed two Master’s programs, one in Educational Administration and the other in Guidance and Counseling. From fall 2002 until December 2005 she accompanied her husband on his work assignments, living in Mexico, China and Italy.  While in China she served as a volunteer in several Beijing-area orphanages.  In Mexico she taught English as a second language at a local community college.  She is currently serving a 6 year term on the Examiners Board for Optometry, a gubernatorial appointment. She is married with three grown children and 4 grandsons.  ]]>