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Podcast – RP 31: Sober Softball – Fun, fitness and fellowship in honor of Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia

On this episode of RecoveryPeople, Guest Stephen Bagwell announces the first annual RecoveryPeople Softball Tournament to be held on August 9th, 2014 which happens to be the 19th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death. Jerry was the beloved lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead, and Jerry died of a heart attack while in Rehab. This is especially poignant given that this episode and the softball tournament are a part of our Million Hearts initiative aimed at raise awareness around heart health and wellness within recovery community. Like many of us in addiction recovery, Jerry had several high risk factors for a heart attack such as a history of drug abuse, cigarette smoking, weight gain and diabetes. While we mourn the loss of a music legend, it is important to remember that we can significantly lower our risk of a heart attack and stroke through physical activity. And to quote today’s Guest, “Never miss an opportunity for fitness”. Stephan regals Co-hosts Kirk Zajac and Jason Howell with tales from the Money City Mallards, a sober sports team that combines fun, fitness and fellow to support them in long-term recovery. Stephan goes on to discuss the balance between using fitness to support his recovery versus “filling his spiritual malady with iron”, a particular concern for him given that he once held sports as his “higher power” during the throes of his disease. But by being true to himself and through a healthy approach to sports, Stephan has been able to carry the message of recovery to the track, volleyball pit and softball diamond.]]>