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Podcast – RP 29: Rob Ruiz | From Troubled Teen and Pending Felon to Recovery and Wellness Mentor

On this episode of RecoveryPeople, Rob Ruiz shares his journey from troubled Teen and pending Felony to recovery and wellness mentor. He discusses his cathartic moment in jail and his support for the decriminalization of addiction in order to save lives and taxpayers’ money. Today, Rob is the manager of a retail store and the house manager of a sober home. He credits his healthy work and living environments and the peer support he found in each for helping him learn how to live a recovery lifestyle. The peer support theme continues as Rob tells co-hosts Jason Howell and Kirk Zajac how his recovery housemates cultivate community through running and gardening. To get a closer look, view recent pics of Rob’s garden at And to learn more of about Rob’s tips on wellness, go to and search for “yoga nidras” to listen to the videos that Rob uses for his guided meditation. This episode of RecoveryPeople is a part of a special series on heart health and wellness. To learn more about SAMSHA’s Eight Deminsions of Wellness, browse through the podcast categories at]]>