Tell the City of Houston to stop ILLEGAL enforcement of boarding home regulations on recovery housing!

May 9, 2022

We must act now. The City of Houston is illegally enforcing boarding home regulations on recovery housing! This is in direct violation of FEDERAL LAW and set a dangerous precedent when it comes to recovery housing! Send your legislators the Texas Fair Housing legal brief and ask them to help stop the City of Houston's illegal activity. Contact Information on legislators and City staff is below, as well as email templates.

See email templates here.

Texas Fair Housing legal brief here.

Texas Legislators:
Senator John Whitmire-
Laura Wendler, Chief of Staff-
Doug Clements, Legislative Director-

Representative Lacey Hull-
Emily Fankell, Chief of Staff-
Johana Scot, Policy Analyst-

City Council Member:
Amy Peck (District A)- residence is in her district
Phone: 832.393.3010

Houston Housing Inspector:
Scott Kotara- issued citations
Phone: 832-523-5263

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