To varying degrees, recovery residences are sighted at the intersection of housing, recovery and treatment. The National Alliance for Recovery Residences has identified four types, known as Levels of Support, which are plotted across the vinn diagram. Whereas Levels I and II are most easily recognized for housing and recovery support, Level IVs combine all three elements: housing, recovery support and treatment services. Difference between the different Levels will be covered in another Lesson, but first we will do deeper dive with each element.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will come to know Fair Housing basics in regards to recovery residences
  • You will understand the importance of recovery support services within the continuum of care
  • You will be able to differentiate between clinical and non-clinical services

Next Steps:

This is the final lesson of Introduction to Recovery Residences.  Upon completing the topic, take the comprehensive quiz and receive your certificate of completion.