First Class of OWEP Funded Students Graduate Towards RSPS

A big shout out to Dillion and Dorothy West and their staff at the Center for Recovery and Wellness Resources in Houston ( ) . They graduated the first class of students pursing Recovery Support Peer Specialists (RSPS) certification who received scholarships through a HRSA OWEP grant.

UTHealth Houston, in collaboration with RecoveryPeople, won a HRSA grant to scholarship eligible individuals committed to serving target populations pursing their RSPS certification. RecoveryPeople serves as the Hub – Spoke Training Entity centralizing administration, registration, satisfaction surveys and technical assistance while decentralizing didactic training and field experience opportunities by partnering with local Instructors and employers, such as CRWR.

UTHealth will be conducting research and evaluation throughout, which will provide a greater level of insight to peer workforce development than we have never seen in Texas.

This is a three year grant, and we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize CRWR as the first partner organization to graduate a class.

We are looking for partners across the state, so please reach out to learn more.

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