Recovery Residence Workforce

Recovery Residence Managers

Recovery Residence Managers are the primary direct support staff within more recovery residences, and they can go by many names: House Manager, Senior Resident... It is a peer role, meaning Residence Managers are persons in recovery who serve as a mentor to residents and who help cultivate a social model recovery culture within the household and across the community. They may also have other roles and responsibilities depending on the size of the provider and the level of support that is being provided.

Through HRSA support, RecoveryPeople began offering Recovery Residence Manager training and certification in 2016. Learn more about the training in our Recovery Academy, and join us in congratulating graduates of the program:

Certified Recovery Residence Managers


  1. Alicia King, Ohio
  2. Archie Minnieweather, TX
  3. Beverly Johnson, TX
  4. Carmen Unruh, TX
  5. Chris Copeland, TX
  6. Chris Mieske, TX
  7. Cindi Salinas, TX
  8. Dale Trees, TX
  9. Danielle Keath, TX
  10. Danielle Comer, TX
  11. Demi, Arza, TX
  12. Donna Carter, TX
  13. Forrest Richardson, GA
  14. Gary Linker, TX
  15. Grant Lindsley, TX
  16. John Kelsey, TX
  17. Jose Martinez, TX
  18. Julee Douglas, AK
  19. Kathie Anderson, TX
  20. Leslie Riley, TX
  21. Linda Davies, TX
  22. Patricia Newman, TX
  23. Patricia Swords, TX
  24. Raymond Salas, TX
  25. Roger Gahunia, TX
  26. Ruth Russo, TX
  27. Sandra Brand, TX
  28. Serigo I. Acevedo, TX
  29. Sheila Carlisle, OH
  30. Taylor Miracle, TX
  31. Thomas Graham, TX
  32. Wayne Johnson, TX
  33. Zack Neuser, TX

Recovery Residence Supervisors

Recovery Residence Supervisors serve in a workforce development and support role, ensuring that peer leaders, volunteers and/or employees implement their organization's recovery residence model with fidelity and adhere to best practice standards. The role and/or its responsibilities is often more clearly found in organizations that are larger, serve higher needs individuals and/or offer a well developed service and staffing plan. In a small organization, this role maybe done by the owner/operator, which we describe below as the Administrator.

RecoveryPeople is currently seeking funding to complete the develop of our Recovery Residence Supervisor curriculum. Contact us with interest.

Recovery Residence Adminstrator

Recovery Residence Administrators are the senior staff role within a recovery residence organization or network of recovery residences. They are often referred to as the owner or operator. In smaller organizations, the administrator may "wear many hats", including direct resident support and plumber. But, their most their primary role is ensuring there are policies, procedures, programming and staffing in place to ensure the appropriate support of residents and staff as well as the sustainability of the organization.

RecoveryPeople is currently seeking funds to complete the development of our Recovery Residence Administrator training. Contact us with interest.