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For People in Recovery

Recovery Residences

Search the recovery residences directory to find sober houses, recovery homes, halfway houses, quarter houses, three-quarter houses, extended aftercares... Need help choosing which is right for you? Check out our Buyers Guide to Recovery Housing.

Community Organizations

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Search the recovery organizations directory. Peer- and/or family-led recovery organizations often provide nonclinical recovery support services in one-on-one, group or outreach settings. Many facilitate and support community organizing, training, awareness or celebratory recovery events and activities. Some focus on advocate for recovery supportive policies and programming.

Recovery Schools

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Directory coming soon!

Texas is home to a growing number of recovery high schools and collegiate recovery programs and centers.

For Recovery Workforce Professionals

The national recovery movement is being lead by several key organizations. Learn more...

Texas Networks


In 2015, RecoveryPeople launched a network weaving campaign to encourage collaboration across the numerous recovery community- and state-led networks and associations. Learn more...

Successful advocacy is fueled by collaborations, and in Texas there are numerous coalitions that focus on issues that impact peers and families impacted by addiction and mental health issues. Meet the advocacy coalitions...

Recovery Workforce

Recovery Residence Managers are the primary direct support staff in most recovery residences. They can go by many names: House Manager, Senior Resident... RecoveryPeople offers a Recovery Residence Manager training. Meet Certified Recovery Residence Managers...

Peer Recovery Coaches

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Peer Recovery Coaches are person in recovery who have been trained to provide nonclinical recovery support. They work and/or volunteer in a wide range of settings from street outreach to emergency rooms to clinical settings to drug courts and especially in recovery service provider settings: recovery centers, homes, schools... Recovery Coach directory coming soon!

Family Recovery Coaches

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Families are deeply impacted by the addiction of a loved one, and they can greatly benefit from family-to-family support. Through the support of a SAMHSA grant, RecoveryPeople will be developing a Family Recovery Coach curriculum in 2018. Learn more...