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Become a RecoveryPeople Board Member

As a 501c3 nonprofit, RecoveryPeople is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Most, but not all, of RecoveryPeople's Board are individuals or family members in recovery. A successful and sustainable nonprofit depends on a passionate and diverse Board.

Join the TROHN Advisory Committee

RecoveryPeople administers the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN), which is the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). The TROHN Advisory Committee primarily consists of individuals who have lived experience operating, managing and/or living in a recovery residence. Additional content expert, stakeholder and/or advocate members are welcomed. The role of the TROHN Advisory Committee is to advise RecoveryPeople staff and Board of Directors on:

  • Approvals, suspensions or revocations of recovery residence certifications based on NARR's current standards and Code of Ethics
  • Grievances, corrective actions and support towards fidelity
  • Policy and programming that impact people in recovery's access to quality recovery residences
  • Performance evaluation and quality improvement
  • Program funding and sustainability

The TROHN Advisory Committee meets at least once a quarter.

Join the Family Recovery Coach Curriculum workgroup

Through a SAMHSA grant, RecoveryPeople will be developing a Family Recovery Coach Curriculum. Towards that goal, we are establishing a workgroup to help identify the needs and

Join the Policy and Advocacy Committee

The Policy Committee is a Standing Board Committee, which is chaired or co-chaired by a Board Director. Committee Members are responsible for helping identify policy priorities and support advocacy efforts. To support a statewide network, we seek local and topic specific leaders to spearhead advocacy efforts.

Join the Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee is a Standing Board Committee. Although chaired or co-chaired by a Board Director, other interested volunteers are encouraged to apply. The duties of the Fundraising Committee to plan and staff fundraising activities.

Join the Marketing and Social Media Committee

The Marketing Committee is a Standing Committee chair or co-chaired by a Board Director. Members of the marketing and media... podcast

Become a Retreat Camp Counselor

Retreat Camp Counselors are peer or family leaders, ideally who have attended a RecoveryPeople Retreat before. Camp counselors are responsible for orienting and supporting participants within an assigned group, facilitating breakout meetings, and/or coordinating retreat activities.