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Advocating with Anonymity: Speaking Up While Honoring the Traditions

Advocating with Anonymity: Speaking Up while Honoring the Traditions was a speaker panel session at the 2015 Recovery Capital Conference.

  • Robert Ashford, Young People in Recovery
Large Group of Business People Celebrating Program Description: Faces and Voices of Recovery along with the powerful documentary Anonymous People has paved the way to embrace advocacy by showing the world that people recovery from addiction and hope can be curative and pervasive. This workshop will discuss mechanisms for advocacy, language use and techniques, and other aspects of shifting stigma and changing policies. Objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Describe in what context and settings self disclosure of one’s recovery status fully upholds the tradition of anonymity and why it is vital to improving access to recovery services
  2. Describe the research method used to identify the most effective recovery message
  3. Develop a powerful and personalized advocacy message that can be used to change public perception, reduce stigma and increase support for addiction recovery