Steven Stanislav

Steven Stanislav2

Steven Stanislav is a person in long term recovery and is one of the founders of RecoveryPeople. Steven has a Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and is Board Certified in Psychopharmacology. In 2022, he retired from Johnson and Johnson where he served as Medical Affairs Field Director, Neuropsychiatry, and currently works as an independent consultant. Previously, Steven was an Associate Professor at the University of Miami and the University of Texas, as well as a Clinical Psychopharmacologist at the Brown School, Austin State Hospital and Austin State School. He has worked in the mental health arena for thirty years and has extensive clinical and research experience in pharmacotherapy of mental health disease and dual diagnosis.  Steven recently served as a Board Member for Austin Round Up (ARU), a non-profit organization which provides recovery education/support to individuals and family members affected with substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Steven is a strong advocate for mutual aid and recovery support services.